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Ameison Antennas Factory delivers high quality antennas and solutions for the global defence, security and communications markets.


We manufacture low cost antennas for wireless networking and cellular end-user antenna applications, RFID and Defence.


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We are a manufacturer, NOT trading company.


Ameison Antennas Factory is one of leading professional antenna manufacturers and only one has our own Antennas Far Field Automatic Measurement System in Shenzhen.


Your Reliable Antennas Partner in China.

Welcome to Ameison Antennas Factory
Established in 2009 Ameison manufactures a wide variety of OEM and ODM antennas including: LTE, WIMAX, Wi-Fi, 3G, DECT, WLAN, CDMA, GPRS,
CMMB, DMB, GSM and DVB-T tyes etc.(Now our products arrange cover the frequency from 88 MHz to 5.8 GHz.) Shenzhen Ameison Communication Equipment Co.,Ltd.(AMEISON, Registered capital:RMB10,000,000 Yuan, around USD1,666,666.666) was established in 2009, is one of leading professional antenna designers, manufacturers and solutions suppliers in Shenzhen, China.

We are headquartered in Hong Kong with a number of production facilities in China.(Hong Kong Head Office: FOXTENNA COMMUNICATION LIMITED.)

AMEISON's main OEM/ODM products include 2.4/4.9/5.1/5.5/5.8GHz WLAN, Wi-Fi antennas; MIMO antennas; CPE antennas; GPS antennas; 1.5/ 2.6/ 3.5GHz WiMAX,fixed wireless access antennas; 3G, CDMA, GSM, PCS and McWILL base station antennas, repeater antennas; indoor distributed antennas; decorative antennas; TETRA antennas; VHF/UHF antennas; microwave antennas and passive components such as splitter, coupler, surge lightning protector etc.

Ameison offers responsible and professional service, quality antennas products with competitive cost and punctual delivery. Each product at Ameison is implemented through system with earnest quotation, well-planned, antenna design, precision testing making, and strict time-line control, QC and professional technical communication.

We accredited the certificate of ISO 9001:2008 issued from UKAS and IAF in 2012. We believe that we could further enhance our competitiveness and provide our best service to our customers.

With our strong technical know-how, advanced machineries, and high quality conscious, we can turn your design concept into a successful product.

Our Vision is:
To be the global antenna supplier/partner of choice for the defence, security and communications market.

Our Mission is:
We are committed to exceeding customer expectations through excellent and reliable service, and the prompt delivery of low-cost, high-quality products achieved through the integration of people, technology and key business systems.
Our mission is to become our customers' most valued supplier and maintain that status.

High-quality! Made In Shenzhen of China! Global Sharing!
To be a business partner with us now!
We welcome you to schedule a visit our factory and consult with us for more business benefits.

Ameison Antennas Factory Capability

Directional Sector Panel Antennas
Base Station Panel Sector Antennas can be produced for more than 50K pieces per month.
Patch Panel Antennas
Indoor Coverage Antennas & Broadband Antennas & other Antennas can be produced for more than 500K pieces per month.
Fiberglass Antenna
Fiberglass Antennas can be produced for more than 300K pieces per month.

WiFi Antennas MIMO Antennas LTE Antennas

4900-6000MHz Antennas
2400-2500MHz Antennas
4900-6000MHz Antennas
698-2700MHz Sector Panel DAS Antenna

Warm Reminded:

We are much pleased to know you are interested in our products and will contact us for quotation and specification.


There have more than 600 models antennas in our factory, In order to save your time and offer the optimum models (reasonable prices) and get our quick response,

following is some important information we have to know to quote in 24 hours.


If you are interested in Antennas, please advise us:

1. Frequency range(if has center frequency point, that can be best.)

2. Gain request

3. Purpose: omni-directional or directional?

4. Connector type at another end of cable

5. Cable type(if available) + Cable length(if available)

6. Indoor Installation Mount type Or Outdoor Type

7. Quantity per model(More quantity, price can be concessible.)

5G network:

In today's ICT industry, physical network elements are continually evolving and merging with each other.

Greater consideration of user experience represents an advance in smart terminals and network technologies in the mobile ICT industry.


5G will provide much better user experience and makes further convergence and innovation possible in terms of terminals, wireless network and services.

5G will revolutionize information perception, acquisition, participation, and control.

5G services will expand to include more enterprise users.


A 5G network will leverage the excellent features of a LAN and cellular network; it will become smarter and friendlier and serve a broader range of purposes.

It will penetrate all aspects of life and coexist with other successful technologies.

Agents Wanted

Today's wireless market, more specifically the outdoor wireless market, continues to demand higher transmit power, greater dependability and advanced feature sets,

all while keeping the client-side cost down.

Shenzhen Ameison Antennas Co.,Ltd. has excellent ability in designing and manufacturing different kinds of antennas and related communication equipment,

now our products have shared a bigger part marketing home and abroad!

We hope to expand more market and get faster development, hereby, welcome you to consult with us if you are interested in becoming our agents in your country or your local region!

Your company can be appointed by Ameison Antennas as the exclusive distributor in your country for our comprehensive range of antennas

if you want to cooperate with us for long-term win-win business relationship.


Introduction: Established in 2009 Ameison manufactures a wide variety of OEM and ODM antennas including: 
5G, 4G LTE, WIMAX, Wi-Fi(2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 2.4/5 GHz), 3G, RFID, DECT, WLAN, CDMA, GPRS,CMMB, DMB, GSM and DVB-T tyes etc.
(our products arrange cover the frequency from 20 MHz to 6 GHz.)

We will be the regional leader in the development of customized value added services and globally competitive antennas for wireless, mobile and next generation networks.

Agent Requirements: duration of the agreement and can be a common commitment to furthering the cause of development. 
Agents Required for the Following Countries: Globally